Episode 46: Skinny & Fat

August 21, 2012

The Olympics have come to an end!  Find out what extravagant drinks the medalists were indulging in post-Games. And the ladies give you the skinny on low-calorie wines by putting them to the test. They reveal how they’re made and if they’re worth the taste sacrifice. Finally, in the name of research, Christina and Whitney […]

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Episode 45: Beers & Burps

August 7, 2012

The ladies are taking a detour from the wine trail and talking all things BEER. Find out what words like cicerone and wort really mean. Finally, they’ve got a special guest on the show that’s been drinking beer so long he was once able to spend only 25 cents for a pint! All that and […]

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Episode 44: The Price is Right?

July 24, 2012

It’s a super special episode today, dedicated to the dollars and cents of wine. The ladies are discussing why wine costs what it does and how much you should spend to get the best bang for your buck. Plus- Whitney chats with a California producer who gives us the scoop on winemaking costs from an […]

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Episode 43: Wine-derwear

July 11, 2012

Someone decided that a wine bottle looked a little too naked. Find out his rather interesting solution for this problem! And Christina talks with a Spanish wine expert who reveals which hidden gems of Spain you should be drinking and what he’d pair with…churros. Finally, wine snobs unite! Why the ladies are card carrying members […]

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Episode 42: Red, White & PINK!

June 27, 2012

On today’s episode of The Crush, the ladies are thinking and drinking PINK. Rose 101! They break it down for you and tell you what you should fill your glass with this summer. Also, the quirky habit of watering down wine- is it a do or a big fat don’t?  Finally, wine fashion: is there […]

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Episode 41: Bedroom Tipples

June 13, 2012

Everyone’s favorite wine-loving duo- Miles and Jack- are back at it again, this time performing live. The ladies give you the lowdown. Also, will wine writers ever make enough moolah to buy the wines they love? Probably not. Finally, America’s most famous sex therapist unveils what she believes to be your best friend in the […]

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Episode 40: Voodoo Vines & Summer Wines

May 31, 2012

Summer has officially begun! Find out what Whitney and Christina will be cracking open poolside. Italian wine expert Jeremy Parzen reveals his summertime house wine this year. And it’s not Italian! Finally, Whitney chats moon cycles and cow horns with Oregon author Katherine Cole. Christina has been a very busy bee working on the Real […]

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Episode 39: Gateway Wine

May 16, 2012

Whitney and Christina are celebrating their moms and their wine quirks! They’ll tell you how they guided their mothers into more adventurous wine territory. Hollywood is getting hip to the wine game. Find out which celebs are steaming up the silver screen’s latest wine adventure. Also on the show- you too could taste wine like […]

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Episode 38: Fat Livers!

May 2, 2012

The self-serve beer bar makes its way to the States- frat boys everywhere rejoice. California bans foie gras, but if you can still get your hands on it the ladies will tell you what to drink with it. They’ll explore what’s on a winemaker’s playlist and finally, why peanut butter and jelly vodka is probably […]

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Episode 37: Wine Battle

April 25, 2012

Find out why Christina died and went to gin heaven. And The Wine Battle of Haro- a new Russell Crowe movie or a crazy Spanish wine festival? Finally, and most importantly, top tips for drinking alone. Christina went to the launch of  Gillray’s steakhouse in London where they have a list of 33 gins! Her […]

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