Episode 60: Get Your Swirl On

by whitney & christina on March 14, 2013

The ladies tell you the best way to “get your swirl on” and reveal whether or not the water flushes the opposite way in Australia. Speaking of water, the underwater aging trend has re-emerged, and they ask “Why?!” Finally, Whitney blind tastes some cocktail inspired candy. See how many she gets right…and how many she spits out.

Christina is making Pinot Noir. And she’s about 90% sure it’s gonna suck. But, she’s trying!

Whitney attended an amazing Louis/Dressner tasting in Los Angeles. One delicious Chilean discovery- Louis-Antoine Luyt.

The Wall Street Journal article about swirling wine.

The latest wine under water experiment. And remember Bisson Abissi?
A Glass of Wine a Day Keeps the Heart Attack Away. This is a study we can get behind. And can this be the last study about whether or not wine is good for us? It is! Let’s move on.
Whitney blind tasted this booze inspired candy from Sugarfina. PS- Whitney’s mom sent her this candy after seeing Kathie Lee and Hoda eat it on their show…

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