Episode 57: Goon of Fortune

by whitney & christina on January 30, 2013

Carmen Grape-iago makes her valiant return and she’s in white wine country this time. Can you figure out where she is? Plus, it was Australia Day down under and those Aussies like a good drinking game. Find out their creative use for a clothesline. Finally, the Johnny Cash song about wine you never knew existed. All that and more, coming up!

Australia Day drinking ritual: the Goon of Fortune game. A clothesline and a bag of wine. Interesting.

Carmen is back. Read along with the clues to find out what wine region she is traveling to this week!

Awesome handmade leather bike accessories, mostly designed for carrying drinks of all shapes and sizes. Genius and classy! Check out Walnut Studio.

‘I have the wine’ by Johnny Cash.” No, that is NOT correct.

Wine recs:  Audrey et Christian Binner, Pierre Frick, and Domaine Bechtold.

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