Episode 55: Wine Resolutions

by whitney & christina on January 1, 2013

It’s a new year and the ladies have some wine resolutions to try and stick to. Plus, their favorite holiday wines and how Christina got drunk with her mom. Finally, the winner of the first ever The Crush Giveaway is announced.

A few of Christina’s favorite wines consumed during the holidays: Littorai 2009 Cerise Vineyard Pinot Noir and the wines of New York’s Eminence Road.  Whitney enjoyed the Arnot-Roberts 2009 Antica Vineyard Sangiovese, Occhipinti SP68 red, and Larceny bourbon.

World’s best wine resorts. Apparently, Portugal has a thing for infinty pools

Giveaway winner:  Ellen! Hey girl, email us at whitneyandchristina@gmail.com to give us your mailing address.

Some new wine and beverage inventions/ideas that may or may not be any good. A Wine Sippy Cup, Pool arm floatie to chill and transport wine, and the can that chills itself- ChillCan.

The Crush Quickfire returns with  Tara O’Leary, aka the Wine Passionista. Tara is also the co-host of the new The Punch Down podcast with Joe Roberts.

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Ellen January 4, 2013 at 2:10 am

Whitney! Terrific to meet you today to pick up my prizes and pick out some wine. Christina, next time you’re in LA I’ll take you up on a martini:) Learning to love gin will be my next frontier.
I actually just got to listen to this episode, and it is fitting that you mentioned both bourbon and my blog in the same episode-I just blogged about discovering I like bourbon, along with my take on a sazerac, and I need bourbon recommendations. You got the scrumptious part right, by the way. The full blog name is Scrumptious Gruel.
Anyway, thank you again for holding the giveaway!


Monica January 4, 2013 at 4:26 am

Hi girls, love the podcast as always! Christina…as an American living in Australia, just wanted to let you know that the last time I flew back the duty-free alcohol allowance was 2.25 litres (higher than most other countries), so you can bring your collection over 3 bottles at a time! Shame about the spices and wood products though :(


whitney & christina January 24, 2013 at 8:52 am

Hi Monica, thanks for letting me know ie the alcohol allowance–didn’t realise it was that high-I’d heard there was a tax on all booze (although didn’t investigate myself honestly). Will certainly bring a few back when I’m next abroad if that’s the case!


Julie {Bananas For Bourbon} January 4, 2013 at 6:56 pm

Oh my! Tell me more about this Larceny bourbon! I’ll have to see if I can track it down. Also curious about the sherry trend of 2013. I rarely see sherry besides “cooking sherry”, i.e. cheap sherry. Not that I peruse wine shops often. But places like Whole Foods and BevMo have an abysmal selection. Here’s to hoping that changes!

And Whitney, if you want beautiful beaches and great beer for the cost of a tank of gas, San Diego! Just sayin’. 😉


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