Episode 51: The Golden Girls

by whitney & christina on November 6, 2012

The ladies are talking old stuff. What happens when a wine ages? And what wine should you be putting in your cellar to forget about. They’ll tell you.

Christina was just in Budapest, Hungary! Drinking wine “poshly.”

What’s thought to be the “oldest wine” EVER still in existence, discovered in China.

The beautiful and mesmerizing faded orange crimson of a 36 year old Gaja Barbaresco.

Carla Rzeszewski and Terry Theise talking about their favorite age-worthy wines.

Oldest Port Christina has had:  ‘Scion’ 1855 Vintage (Colheita) Tawny Port! Craziness.


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Aubrey November 20, 2012 at 12:04 am

Hey girls! I have a question that maybe (just maybe!) you could discuss on a future episode if you have time. I’m reading this little book, “The Wine Trials 2011,” and it has me thinking about the “intrinsic goodness” of wine, or personal taste. The book says, “If blind tasting experiments show that wine pricing is arbitrary from the perspective of everyday wine drinkers, then why are the magazine ratings that those drinkers rely on so directly correlated with price? And why do everyday wine drinkers still trust those ratings, and spend money on expensive wine?”

OK. So they’re arguing, from their extensive blind experiments, lots of people, mostly average non-experts, prefer cheaper wines to expensive ones. And I would never suggest that price should be the sole indicator of a wine’s quality. But I’m thinking of the Crush Quickfire you did with Talia Baiocchi, and how she said you can objectively say a wine is good or bad. It’s not all personal taste.

So, I’m wondering, is a book like this helpful or relevant, beyond just telling you what non-experts enjoy? If I really want to “get into” wine, I know I just need to drink lots of it and decide for myself, but in a sense, with a book like this, are you just confirming that non-experts are drawn to cheap, simplistic wines? Should those non-experts not try more expensive wines, and see if they develop a taste for them? Or should they just keep drinking cheap wine, because that’s apparently what they enjoy more?

I feel like I’m going in circles here, and sorry this is such a long comment, but I’m really intrigued by this, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Love your podcast!




whitney & christina November 20, 2012 at 8:55 am

Hi Aubrey, thanks for your comment/question-a great one! And one that certainly has no clear right or wrong answer, but that makes for a very interesting discussion! We will be sure to cover this on an episode in the near future so keep listening and thanks for your support!


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