Episode 22: Auld Lang Vine

by whitney & christina on December 27, 2011

This week Whitney and Christina talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of their Christmas drinks. Hint: Manhattans in a bottle and wine by the Dave Matthews Band. They also chat about their favorite food/drinks/remedies for (potential) New Year’s Day hangovers. Finally, the ladies reveal their 2012 wine world predictions.

Fresh Press:  This is what Christina ate and drank for Christmas! A sea of red sauce…and mediocre pinot.

Whitney drank Manhattans!

What the What?  Élevage

Foodie Moment: Bloody Mary slot machine! and a Hangover Cure ‘that works’ (read Christina’s thoughts on the matter)

2012 Wine World Predictions: 

1)  The wine keg: not just beer in kegs anymore, wine and now cocktails too! 

2)  More frequent use of alternative packaging: the Klean Kanteen of the Natural Process Alliance, paper bottles, Tetra Paks, bag in box, etc.

3)  “Natural wine” becoming a part of everyone’s vocabulary and more winemakers working in this style.

4)  More wine buying online.

5)  A move to a more free and fair wine marketplace/loosening of state regulations in the USA.

6)  The Rosé revolution!  A style that’s becoming more and more popular year round.

7)  Sauvignon blanc goes out. Gruner veltliner comes in!

The Crush Quickfire:  Ed Wilson- head chef of Terroirs/Brawn/Soif

Wines of the Week:

Whitney’s favorite: Cedric Bouchard‘s “Inflorescence” Blanc de Noirs

Availability: a bit limited, but a very reasonable $60. Domaine LA in Los Angeles.  Elsewhere in the world, click HERE.

Christina’s favorite: Jacques Selosse ‘Substance’ Blanc de Blanc

'Substance' with Parmesan..a match made in heaven

Availability: fairly available, but definitely a special occasion wine at an average of $260-300 a bottle!  For the USA, click HERE.  Elsewhere in the world, click HERE.

Other grower Champagne that won’t break the bank (under $75):  Chartogne-Taillet, Pierre Peters, Gaston Chiquet, J. Lasalle, Doyard, J. Lassaigne

‘American Champagne’ Christina found in her hometown’s wine shop for $6…a big no-no!

And finally, for your holiday entertainment, outtakes from Orson Welles’ ‘California Champagne’ commercial.

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Leslie January 6, 2012 at 5:49 pm

Catching up on my podcasts after the holidays and really liked this one. I think your 2012 predictions are spot-on. To that end, I would love to hear some recommendations for widely available (I live in a state where I can’t buy wine online) boxed wines. I love the concept not only for ecological reasons but also because it makes it so easy to have one glass or get 1/2 cup wine for cooking. I’m always fearful of buying an unknown box and hating it – then I’m stuck!
Happy New Year to you ladies, looking forward to another year of Crushing it.


whitney & christina January 6, 2012 at 6:01 pm

thanks so much Leslie!! as for boxed wine, refer to episode 8 (which is over on Homefries http://homefries.com/show/the-crush/the-crush-episode-8-the-land-of-focaccia/). we talk about a few of our favorites and they aren’t as hard to find as you’d think. not in every supermarket or wine shop by any means but definitely around. so great for cooking wine and also delicious for a glass each night. happy new year!


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