Episode 22: Auld Lang Vine

by whitney & christina on December 27, 2011

This week Whitney and Christina talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of their Christmas drinks. Hint: Manhattans in a bottle and wine by the Dave Matthews Band. They also chat about their favorite food/drinks/remedies for (potential) New Year’s Day hangovers. Finally, the ladies reveal their 2012 wine world predictions.

Fresh Press:  This is what Christina ate and drank for Christmas! A sea of red sauce…and mediocre pinot.

Whitney drank Manhattans!

What the What?  Élevage

Foodie Moment: Bloody Mary slot machine! and a Hangover Cure ‘that works’ (read Christina’s thoughts on the matter)

2012 Wine World Predictions: 

1)  The wine keg: not just beer in kegs anymore, wine and now cocktails too! 

2)  More frequent use of alternative packaging: the Klean Kanteen of the Natural Process Alliance, paper bottles, Tetra Paks, bag in box, etc.

3)  “Natural wine” becoming a part of everyone’s vocabulary and more winemakers working in this style.

4)  More wine buying online.

5)  A move to a more free and fair wine marketplace/loosening of state regulations in the USA.

6)  The Rosé revolution!  A style that’s becoming more and more popular year round.

7)  Sauvignon blanc goes out. Gruner veltliner comes in!

The Crush Quickfire:  Ed Wilson- head chef of Terroirs/Brawn/Soif

Wines of the Week:

Whitney’s favorite: Cedric Bouchard‘s “Inflorescence” Blanc de Noirs

Availability: a bit limited, but a very reasonable $60. Domaine LA in Los Angeles.  Elsewhere in the world, click HERE.

Christina’s favorite: Jacques Selosse ‘Substance’ Blanc de Blanc

'Substance' with Parmesan..a match made in heaven

Availability: fairly available, but definitely a special occasion wine at an average of $260-300 a bottle!  For the USA, click HERE.  Elsewhere in the world, click HERE.

Other grower Champagne that won’t break the bank (under $75):  Chartogne-Taillet, Pierre Peters, Gaston Chiquet, J. Lasalle, Doyard, J. Lassaigne

‘American Champagne’ Christina found in her hometown’s wine shop for $6…a big no-no!

And finally, for your holiday entertainment, outtakes from Orson Welles’ ‘California Champagne’ commercial.